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I had forgotten I had posted this video showing the dual spindle mount.
This only shows it cutting in single spindle mode with one spindle
retracted, but they both show in the video.
It actually incorporates pieces of a single spindle mount I hade made
previously as the clamps for holding the spindles and moving them up and
down when the main clamps are loosened.
I had some issues with rigidity with this design when trying to zero both
spindles to a work piece, but I have since figured out how to fix that with
a simple pair of spacers and a couple bolts. It would drift back and forth
about .003 to .005 as I would try and zero one spindle or the other. For a
lot of my work that was no big deal, but it was horrible when trying to cut
air exhaust vents in my bait molds. I had them set on 6.5" centers to cut
6" width mold plates with a .495. spacer in between and then shim to match
exactly. If the plates were designed to be center injected and were
symmetrical on each side of the injection port I could cut them as exact
mates from start to finish both at the same time. Or I could make two left
plates, and then make two right plates. I used them a few times and they
worked fine for everything but the air vents. A few thousandths variance in
depth doesn't make any difference to the body or tail of a rubber worm, but
it makes a huge difference in the desired result with exhaust vents.
That particular mount will probably go on my wall of shame never to be used
again, but I do intend to make another dual spindle mount for the Taig
eventually. One that over comes some if this one's limitations and mounts
directly to the Z-Axis slide rather than to the old spindle. I even have an
idea for simple rough width adjustment, but would probably stick with
spacers and shims for precise work piece matching to the spindles.
For those who have seen it before and are bored with my repetition or
appalled by my temerity for showing off such a crude design. Sorry. I'll
try not to waste your time on the next design. This was a prototype using
parts at hand to test out, and it was not unsuccessful. Just not as perfect
as I would have hoped.
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Bob La Londe
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Ingenuity at its best! Kudos for making it work for you.
Funny thing is I missed the post here but Google found "AutoDrill" and alerted me to it... Otherwise, I would not have see this.
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Joe AutoDrill
I'm kinda regretting retiring that mount now. I just designed one of those molds that is ideally suited to making it in a matched pair... LOL.
I got my precision leads screws for that other mini mill in finally the other day. Steppers and controller are on the shelf. Just waiting for my backlash nuts and couplers. I'll probably use it to remake my dual mount.

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Bob La Londe

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