Walt, who asked about checker decals

Hi Walt, I emailed you back, but it bounced.
I looked through my decal stash for 5/16" checks, either blue/clear or
yellow/clear. I don't have anything that large at all. I have some
black/clear, white/clear that are 1/4" and some yellow/clear that are
I wonder if an RC shop might help you out; they need those big decals
more often. I usually build 1/72th and 5/16" is gargantuan for that.
Another thought, if RMS doesn't help you out, try going to hyperscale
formatting link
and ask around in either Plane Talking or
Plane Trading.
Good luck!
--- Stephen
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Stephen Tontoni
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Model rocketeers use these for roll patterns too...one more place to look.
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