Vintage Revell and out of production Scale-Master decals for sale

I have a number of vintage (some over half a century old) Revell and out of=
production Scale-Master airliner, military aircraft, missile and spacecraf=
t kit and aftermarket decals for sale.
Below is the complete list, sorted by category, including manufacturer, kit=
or aftermarket sheet code, aircraft/missile/spacecraft type, airline or se=
rvice, scale, and price:
Revell 1/96 Speculative Spacecraft Decals
Revell (Colortone), H-1805, Space Station, United States, 1/96, $45.00
Revell (Colortone), H-1825, Moon Ship, United States, 1/96, $18.00
Revell 1/200 Speculative Supersonic Airliner Decals
Revell, H-262, Boeing 2707 SST, USA/Boeing Company Prototype, 1/200, $15.00
Revell, H-263, Boeing 2707 SST, Pan American, 1/200, $10.00
Revell 1/48 Spacecraft Decals
Revell, H-1834, Mercury/Gemini, United States, 1/48, $8.00
Revell, H-1838, Apollo Lunar Spacecraft, United States, 1/48, $6.00
Revell Missile and Launch Vehicle Decals
Revell (Colortone), H-1806, Boeing IM-99 Bomarc, US Air Force, 1/47, $9.00
Revell, H-1833, Everything is "Go" Atlas with Mercury, United States, 1/110=
, $9.00
Revell 1/40 Douglas Skyraider Military Aircraft Decals
Revell (Colortone), H-260, Douglas AD-6 Skyraider, US Navy, 1/40, $9.00
Revell, H-261, Douglas A-1 Skyraider, US Navy/Vietnamese Air Force, 1/40, $=
Revell Commercial Airliner Decals
Revell, H-246, Boeing 707, American Airlines, 1/139, $16.00
Revell (Colortone), H-254, Convair Coronado 990, Scandinavian Airlines Syst=
em, 1/137, $15.00
Revell, H-267, Douglas DC-7C, Swissair, 1/122, $7.00
Revell, H-242, Douglas DC-8, United Air Lines, 1/144, $6.00
Revell (Colortone), H-248, Douglas DC-8, United Air Lines, 1/144, $6.00
Revell, H-246, Douglas DC-9, Alitalia, 1/120, $9.00
Revell, H-246, Douglas DC-9, Bonanza Air Lines, 1/120, $9.00
Revell, H-246, Douglas DC-9, Southern Airways, 1/120, $9.00
Revell, H-246, Douglas DC-9 Vistajet, Allegheny Airlines, 1/120, $9.00
Revell Great Britain, H-119, Douglas DC-10, Scandinavian Airlines System, 1=
/144, $5.00
Revell Germany, H-120, Douglas DC-10, Lufthansa, 1/144, $5.00
Revell (Colortone), H-297, Fairchild F-27, Fairchild Company Prototype, 1/9=
4, $5.00
Revell, H-297, Fairchild F-27, Aloha Airlines, 1/94, $9.00
Revell (Colortone), H-297, Fairchild F-27, Aloha Airlines, 1/94, $9.00
Revell (Colortone), H-297, Fairchild F-27, Pacific Air Lines, 1/94, $9.00
Revell, H-297, Fairchild F-27, Quebecair, 1/94, $9.00
Revell, H-297, Fairchild F-27, West Coast Airlines, 1/94, $9.00
Revell (Colortone), H-298, Fairchild F-27A, Bonanza Air Lines, 1/94, $7.00
Scale-Master 1/144 Commercial Airliner Decals
Scale-Master, SM-3, Vickers Viscount, Capital Airlines, 1/144, $4.00
Scale-Master, SM-4, Boeing 727, Pacific Southwest Airlines, 1/144, $5.00
Scale-Master, SM-11, Douglas DC-9, Air Jamaica, 1/144, $7.00
Scale-Master, SM-21, Boeing 377 Stratocruiser, Northwest Airlines, 1/144, $=
Scale-Master, SM-29, Lockheed L-188 Electra, Western Airlines, 1/144, $6.00
Most of these sheets are now hard to find. The Revell decals are from the f=
irst or second issues of the respective kits, including a number of rare =
=93S=94 editions. All decals are the original manufacturer issues and not m=
odern reproductions or digital recreations. All decals are the sheets only,=
without instructions. All decals are complete, uncut and undamaged with no=
cracks and in very good condition. Most of the Revell decals have however =
some yellowing due to their age, and the Scale-Master Boeing 727 sheet appe=
ars to have some slight stains. I will gladly email pictures or scans of an=
y decal(s) upon request. I have also created an Excel table of all decals w=
ith additional background information, such as year of issue, and will glad=
ly provide the file by email.
I am located in the US, but I=92m happy to sell and ship worldwide. All pri=
ces are in US Dollars and do not include shipping.
Postage is a flat rate of $2 per order for shipping via regular mail within=
the US, or $3 per order to anywhere else in the world, regardless of how m=
any sheets you buy. Standard domestic and international shipping is via Fir=
st Class USPS. Depending on decal sheet size, all decals are shipped in a r=
egular letter envelope packed between two pieces of cardboard stiffener to =
help protect the contents, or in a photo mailer to ensure that they arrive =
in good condition. I am not responsible though for any loss or damage after=
the decals are in the mail system. I can however offer postal tracking and=
/or insurance on shipments, which I would recommend especially for some of =
the higher priced vintage decals, at additional cost. Priority Mail, FedEx =
or UPS are also available as alternative methods of delivery at additional =
cost. Please contact me for specific quotes.
All payments, including those for international orders, must be made in US$=
. I accept payment via PayPal, Chase QuickPay if you have a Chase checking =
account, or well concealed cash at your own risk. Sorry, no Money Orders or=
Items will be shipped upon receipt of payment, and orders will be filled on=
a first paid, first served basis. All sales are final, no refunds or retur=
I live in the Southern California Orange County area, so if you're local yo=
u can also come by in person for pickup.
Prices are negotiable for bulk buys of two or more sheets. I=92m open to gi=
ving discounts and will consider all reasonable offers.
If you are interested, have any questions or want more information, please =
email me directly at rocketeer(AT)cox(DOT)net, since I don=92t visit this s=
ite every day. All inquiries and offers will get a response.
Thanks for any interest, and let me know if you have any questions.
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