AIR Great Wall 1/48 TBD-1

Ok here goes.

Hi all

If ya go over to a.b.m.s I have posted a bunch of pic's of my TBD-1 build.

Builds up pretty much as Tom Cleavers review build says. I did it differently and paid the price. I'm almost at the painting point.

Just a few things...

The kit fit's almost perfectly. It's great that GW makes the sprue attachment points on mating surfaces. This also means that you MUST make sure you clean them up properly first. Make sure (!!) you get the parts aligned so you don't have problems later.

The bomb aimer doors will have a gap between them if you pose them closed. (ie; plan to fix)

The segmented canopy sections will not fit open for the observers/gunners sections. (I anded and sanded...) Also for the Midway Hornet aircraft, cut off the rear most canopy section. The twin guns could not be stowed in the aircraft.

I had to clamp the main wings to get the proper dihedral. (my fault ?)

And then there is the too long landing gear.


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