{AIR} 1/48 Great Wall P 61A

Hi All.
I just got the new 1/48 Great Wall P 61A kit and it seems very nice.
The panel scribing is not as petite as say a Hasegawa kit, but quite
nice non the less. Kit is packaged very well, instructions are clear
exploded diagrams, (read not perfect in explanation but good enough and
not crowded) with Gunze color callouts. Clear parts are just that, very
CLEAR, with nice sharp frame detail. One note, the clear radome the
reviews of the kit mention has been replaced by a solid gray color one.
No biggie but just thought ya all would like to know. No flash anywhere,
all moldings appear crisp and clean. Instrument decals are clearly
numbered for their position, just think Mike Grandt instrument decals
here without the hassle of trimming. No ammo feeds/ammo for the 20mm
cannon, so just rifle your old Monogram kit for what you need. (also
only the very first few P 61's had a top power turret, if you want that
Monogram to the rescue again) Addendum to instructions calls for where
to place weight to prevent tail sitter just now how much weight...
Out of the box this should build into a show stopper.
Nice color "poster" in the box.
All in all I'm quite impressed and hope to have a go at it by the end of
the year. Just got to figure out where. (see below)
Been kinda out of sorts this past year, now living most of the time in
MD with new girlfriend (read future wife) but have left most of my
stuff (and all models/tools) in VA. At some point we are moving again,
so everything is up in the air. (but VERY nice and a lot of fun !!)
Also dug out of the book stash a great book on the P 61 (and P 70 night
fighters) called ;
"Queen Of The Night Skies" by Garry H. Pape & Ronald C. Harrison ISBN
Excellent book great reference and some color photos of P 70's and P
61's, the book focuses mainly on the P 61. Also covers the politics in
building the P 61's and operational histories.
On a side note, Ed, your CD's and some other stuff will be in the mail
in the next week or so, sorry for the delay.
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congrats, lucky dog.
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I have to correct myself here, the panel scribing is very fine and delicate. Just a few circular panel lines are heavy, that's it. Sorry
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