i trade music to a really nice guy i have also bought kits
from and here's the nest stuff i got today.
any comments on the kits appreciated.
box labeled good
lockheed pv1 1/72 can use the octopus decals from the ea kit
momogram/matel 1/48 fw 190-brillant decals
a russian mn-10 kit scale unknown-decals are a joke-kit
looks buildable. looks like a skycrane
ls type 96 mk 11 nell 1/72-yellow directions but nice decals
and color paint sheet-i think i'm turning japanese.
monogram superg constellation-tiny-1/200? mats decals so i
can build the one that flew me to germany in 60.
monogram t-28d 14 scale-sealed up
airline b-25 1/72-includes great color painting guide.
(frame that one) bottom of the box has cut out trading
frog spitfire mk14 and v1 kit-1/72 decal colors look too
monogram p-51b 1/48-sealed
revell ov-10a bronco-1/72- sealed
box labeled scrap though almost all the kits are complete
frog spitfire mk 14 and v1 kit. no intructions, decals or vi
olin pt17 in plastic bag-1/48? yellow crumbling instruction
and bizzare decals- started but restorable.
hasegawa p-2h 1/72 crudely started but restorable
minicraft haswgawa f9d-6 1/72 box painted on. good
instructions and decals includes also microscale decal sheet
revelle yf 12-a interceptor 1/72
no decals or instructions.
folland gnat 1/72 decal no instructions in revelle box
frog spitfire mk 14 1/72 no decals instructions or v1]
revell f2a 1/72 no decals instructions
lindberg winnie mae 1/48-184? in plastic bag
fokker friendship 1/200? instructions decals 98% intact
plastic bag
imc lear jet 1/72? yellow instruction declas useable
started restoreable
olin pt 17 148? crumbling instruction bizzare decals
started restorable
i'm just curious if there is anything rare or interesting/
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Minicraft? Nice kit.
Many variations possible with weapons loads.
Mi-10K probably from Yunyij Tyeknik. Fun kit if you don't mind the very low level of detail.
Used to be the only Nell available
1/128th I think. Not as good as Revell's.
COIN version.
The Frog kit reboxed here. Similar to previously discussed B-26.
May be.
One of the best in that scale, IMHO.
Late-'60s kit.
Might have instructions to scan for you, if needed.
Original name for Lindberg kits. Definitely 1/48 +/-.
F9'F'-6? Beautiful little kit.
Get your filler out. Revell's kits were the first out and weren't the greatest kit engineering.
There were two T.2s - Matchbox and Airfix. Aeroclub made an F.1.
Same one as above?
Might have the instructions for that one too.
Reportedly 1/48.
Revell 1/96? Airfix 1/72? There might be others out there I'm not familiar.
Lots of moving parts that I remember. Never finished mine.
Same as above?
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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