Nichima 1/48 th Ki-43 Oscar

I recently picked up this kit at a yard sale.
Box was opened but all the parts were still
in the bag and every thing appears to be
alright. Was stored in a closet for decades,
belonged to the son of the seller. When I got
it home I checked out the instructions( all in
Japanese of course...but not prob) what I
was interested in was the printing date on the
instructions to determine the age of the kit.
Didn't find any. Lots of cockpit detail and instrument panel
decals. Any body know when this kit was made? Does it have any
collector value? ( I paid a ten spot for it)
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Mike Keown
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Not really.....
Look at the side of the box carefully, and the decal sheet a date should be printed there.
I have a couple of these, and the two trainers they made. The biplane trainers are quite nice even in this day and age !
BTW, thats Nichimo.
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Unless you collect nice kits. You can always build a 1/48 shrine to the Buddha flying it. Aeromaster makes some good sheets, but make sure which version you have--the 43i is different from the 43ii and 43iii.
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Tom Cervo
glass and no date was found. I am going to guesstimate judging from the yellowing of the paper its at least 30 years old. Thanks for the spelling correction. Wasn't this firm bought up( or its molds purchased) by another model company? I have built ARII's Swallow biplane trainer and it was an enjoyable build. Mike IPMS
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Mike Keown
I seem to remember seeing it around at least in the late 70s. It was an exceptional kit back them and the molding and dlevel of detail still hold up pretty well by today's standards. Even the decal shet goes on pretty well. I built one straight out of the box except for adding seat belts years ago and even used the kit decals - they snugged down quite nicely with a little help from Microset/sol.
There's a picture of it on the page below:
formatting link

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Bill Woodier
Yes, I noticed the high level of detail of the kit. The seller had it marked for $10 and after I checked the kit's integrity I figured that amount was more than fair. The decals are in a plastic liner and appear to have survived the time okay. Thanks again Bill Mike IPMS
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Mike Keown

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