Need help with calibrated dial marks

I have several calibrated dials. Example: X-Y table and rotary table, which
have calibrated dials on them. They are not that easy to read. I have seen
engraving black, (and other color) crayons used to fill in engraving for
clarity.Where can I find a something similar to fill in the calibrated
dials? I have searched the WED looking for engraving supplies ... with no
Thank you for all your help
Thomas Vincent
San Antonio, TX.
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What you are looking for is called a Lacquer stick For example go here
formatting link
They are available from many sources such as McMaster or MSC or bowling ball supply shops.
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Russ Haggerty
Plain white chalk (blackboard type) is good. It isn't permanent, but lasts longer than you might imagine. Rub it on with some pressure, then carefully rub off the overfill.
Bob Swinney
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Bob Swinney
I tried the chalk trick, and it made the numbers more visible, but still difficult to read because they were so small. I ended up installing a rod on my 10 inch logan fastened to the carriage that accepts a 1 inch dial indicator with a split clamp. Works well and is much easier to read than that original dinky dial.
Mike Eberlein
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