Nitric acid

So, where does a guy buy some nitric acid? I live in a large city. Where
would I go?
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I bought some from the university once, long ago. You should be able to find a chemical supplier in town. If not, try Hach Chemical:
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always used to be pretty friendly to small orders.
SteveB wrote:
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Steve Smith
Phone book, check listings = chemicals.
Best Regards Tom.
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Ask the druggist. I used to get stuff like that at the local drug store when I was a kid (60 years ago). As a matter of fact, I was probably the "poster kid" for why they won't sell all that stuff to kids anymore. One day I bought: -1 pint Sulpuric acid -1 pint Hydrochoric acid -1 pint Nitric acid -1 container Oxalic Acid (crystals) and a pint of Ether from a drug store. Then I went down the street to the hardware store and bought a quart size container of Calcium Carbide crystals.
Of course, I blew out the side of house making hydrogen, stopped the nitroglycerin reaction just in time, etc. But my go-cart went faster than anyone else's.
Pete Stanaitis ----------------
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Pete & sheri
Are ALL of you Stanitis guys as crazy as those in Waterloo County Ontario? The ones I knew up here seemed to have a perpetual death wish.
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Look for Industiral Chemical suppliers in the yellow pages. I hooked up with a local company which is a large nationwide supplier of industrial chemicals and found out that even if y ou have to buy a larger quanity than necessary what yuou need., they are still considerably cheaper. Some items you may have to fill paperwork out on, as lots of stuff is on the hit list with the DEA etc, but still readily available..
I use a lot of Potassium Permaganate..Online thorugh pet supply and aquatic systems suppliers it will run about $30 for a 4 ounce container of it plus shipping. I use 40 some pounds of it at a time, and now get it at $51.05 for a 55# bucket...............and since i pick it up locally no hazmat or shipping is charged.......Odds are if your in the viciinity of a large city you have an industrial chemical supplier as well.
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When I was involved in the silver extraction thing years ago, we got a local pool supply place to order the HNO3 for us. It came in on their usual truckload of placarded stuff as "just another handful of boxes with hazmat in 'em", incurring no extra charges beyond the standard $5.00 for special orders. We went across town andgot it with the next door neighbor's pickup 'cause there was no way we were going to fit 10 cases of acid into a Chevette with rusted out floorboards!
That was something like 15 years ago, though, maybe moving toward 20 years now... Trying to pick up multi-gallon lots of something that can be used in the making of explosives (among other officially frowned-upon activities) in these days of "homeland security", "The War (that's being lost) On (certain) Drugs", and "terrorism threat levels" might raise a few more eyebrows than one would like...
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Don Bruder
I use to buy stuff like that years ago , I want to say Janis something. I 15 north to Graig right or East and it's on the left or north side of the street before Laaamb. Follow your nose at least I can smell the place.
I'd call first , after the red phosphorus and 911 stuff they might not sell baking soda.
I've got a gallon of sulfuric that is 10 yrs. old , never opened IIRC. Was going to do electrolysis experiments till I read up on it more and figured I shouldn't step into the very unknown chemical world.
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OK, "I got's t' know" - what in the world do you use 40# of p-p for? I used to use it to clean out/regenerate a potable water iron filter, but that was a few onces at a time and miserable stuff in that quantity. Bob
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Bob Engelhardt
"SteveB" skrev i en meddelelse news:g_30e.1008$AN1.619@fed1read03...
Some industrial food processing plants ( dairy, fruit juice etc ) use nitric acid in cleaning processes.. The cleaning product companies here sell it in 25 or 1200 litre quantities ( or by the truckload )
Most chemical and laboratory supply houses can get it for you..
Dont get any of that stuff on your skin... It stings like h*ll and turns your skin a nice yellow for a few days until it falls off..
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