PICTURES -- Compressor repairs completed

Final pictures are here:

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Everything runs smoothly as intended. The only thing missing is the pressure switch, which I ordered but which has not yet arrived. The amps are now within spec, after the shaft end play correction and proper belt tensioning.

This compressor will be offered for sale. West Chicagoland area.

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Nice Job, I don't know how you just sell your hard work. Anything I worked that hard on is mine for life.

Say, I lived in LaGrange and then Naperville 30 years ago. What suburb are you in?


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Karl Townsend

Thanks. It comes with practice. Most things that I worked on, in fact, I kept. But I cannot have a horizontal compressor due to space reasons. If it was vertical, I would sell mine and keep this one, as this one is quieter and has more throughput (2 stage) than my single stage Curtis.

Note that I also did some work on my Curtis (motor swapping).

I thought about putting this 2 stage head on my Curtis, but I do not think that it will fit because of flywheel size.

Lisle, it is between these two.

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You can always pour a slab outside the garage, and make a little lean-to style shed over the compressor. That gets the noise and heat totally out of the garage, and 'floor space' is not an issue.


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Bruce L. Bergman

Nice looking compressor. You might want to think about making a belt guard for it.

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You can also put cabinets above a horizontal compressor, or elevate the compressor and put storage below it. I once saw a big honkin' compressor located under someone's deck and supporting a couple large barely fitting CNC machines in the former garage.

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Pete C.

Looks really nice, Iggy, and you did a good job of fixing the issues it had. I wish I finished my projects as quickly as you do.


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Jon Danniken

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