RE-Calibrating a thermostat (home appliance)?

in the past i have recalibrated home thermostats to operate at
lower temp ranges than displayed on the dial. this was simple,
but some decades ago, when propane prices went thru the roof.
now i wonder about a similar issue with a deep fryer that seems to
be operating at a lower temp than spec'd. it is a NewCo 4 litre unit,
badged by GE, nice. all of this type is made in China, now, including
a very close cousin by Waring.
it is _not_ 'digital', and i can hear the thermostat as i move the
temp dial. is there a practical way to raise the operating range?
the housing is large (for the control) and the sensors (dual) look
pretty standard, for an immersion element(1650watts).
iirc, the home thermostats just required some mechanical "displacement",
and the low-temp point was reset. hopefully, this can be done here, only
on the hi-end. any experience or speculation welcomed. thanks! --Loren
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Loren Coe
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