Repeatablility of Phase II toolpost

How good is the repeatability of the phase II? I would like to be able to lift up the threading tool at the end of a thread, reposition the apron near the beginning of the thread, adjust the cross/top slide, and then drop the threading tool back down for another cut.

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John Albers
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I think you could do this with no trouble at all. I've never done this exact operation, but I have done some where I was using several different tools on each part, and I never had any indication of poor repeatability.


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Jon Elson (John Albers)

Sounds doable. Why not try it?

You wouldn't be adjusting the cross any though? That would stay at your zero. Until you get so far in you have to back it out, too--which seems to defeat the tool-removal technique.

The old two-part method of, 1. disengage the half nuts, and simultaneously 2. back out the cross, seems to add some safety with its two cut stoppers in one, though. Frank Morrison

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Not sure why you would want to do this, but, the type of toolpost matters more than the brand. You don't specify which type, piston or wedge.

Almost any wedge type toolpost will do what you want. Piston type?


I found repeatability of my Phase II piston toolpost to be no better than .010".

Bought an Aloris wedge toolpost and it's good to .0005".

Hope this helps, GW

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gary wilkin

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