Sandblaster 100 feet from compressor

I came across a smallish sized Trinco sandblaster today (24 inch wide with front door only), with dust collector.

I am considering putting it into a shed, which is roughly 100 feet (100 ft hose run) from the compressor. Maybe it is a little more than

100 feet.

My question is, if I run air at higher pressure like 120-140 PSI, and drop it near the blaster to 60-80 PSI, would I be able to get away with 3/8" ID hose, or is that not sufficient.

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Perhaps run full compressor pressure (175?) out there to an accumulator tank (sure you can scrounge something) then regulate off that tank to your final pressure. Should do the job since I don't expect you'll be doing very long durations of blasting without stopping to reposition parts, etc.

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Pete C.

no way. if I had to run 100 feet, I'd use at least 3/4 inch galvanized - pipe is cheap, and the long run will help cool the air

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Bill Noble

Sandblasters are air hogs. Your pressure drop will be excessive.

You can do a quick test: coil up the 100' of hose on the floor, hook up the gun only with a pressure gage on a 'T' at the gun(no sand, no cabinet), see what pressure you get out of it.

I can tell you that someth> I came across a smallish sized Trinco sandblaster today (24 inch

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