strong durable gloves?

I tend to go through generic work gloves pretty quickly, so I'm
looking for some advice about which brands / styles that you
recommend. Normally it's the fingertips that get ripped out first,
followed by the along-finger seams. I prefer tight-fitting styles
for improved manual dexterity, doesn't have to be very long, up to the
wrist is fine.
Any advice here is appreciated.
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Try some of the knit Kevlar gloves. They're very tough and not too expensive, around $5. Grainger and McMaster both carry them in a variety of weights and styles. They seem to be slipperier than other materials, especially when new, so you may want to try those with the dots or stripes of grippy stuff.
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Ned Simmons
I find that *red* Harbor Freight $0.99 wear very well and last a long time. At $0.99 I do not care if some $20 gloves would last 5 times longer. I tried a lot of gloves, all not too expensive.
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On Jul 9, 2:50=A0pm, Benjamin >
The best glove depends on what you are doing. TIG gloves are different from Stick welding gloves. Wearhouse gloves are different from roughneck gloves.
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I use what are known here as "riggers gloves" - soft and flexible, funny yellow colour, so you can pick up a bolt/nut - made of goatskin (or whatever passes for a goat in China, don't want to know) - they do wear out, but are good for what they are supposed to do, ie protect your hands while retaining manual dexterity. Buy them in packs, 3 for $20, probably a lot cheaper in the US. View them as consumerables as you would welding rods, drill bits, cutting fluid - its just part of the craft....
Andrew VK3BFA.
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