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I need a strong 94XL 037 timing belt -- e.g, kevlar backed. Found a great supplier a few months back but forgot to book mark it. Now I've been doing MSF search, Google search, and a whole bunch others and can't find these guys for love or money. Tried all kinds of variations on "drive/timing/precision/belt/geared/94XL/... etc.) Lots of hits, none of them the one I want to find. They sold the belts in several different compositions and also the gears to go with them.


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I second that, but phone in your order because it is much less likely to get ignored. 516-328-3300-1-1


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Two sources for urethane/stainless steel timing belts:

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I've purchased both Jason and Breco belts thru Motion Industries.

Mectrol is another, but they may not offer true endless belts, which is what you want if max strength is important.

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