Tuning chainsaws

Ive got at least 6 chainsaws that Ive been dragging out and trying to get running. It appears that nearly all of them have carb issues, primarlily gaskets/diaphram issues, along with bad fuel line hoses and dirt in the carbys

Anyone have a good CHEAP parts supplier for Tillotson and Walbro carb parts?

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Gunner Asch
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There's quite a bit of probably fake walbro stuff on ebay. Haven't pulled the trigger myself on any to see if it's legit. I've got an old Redmax engine where the gaskets are looking old and the primer bulb hardened. Should just get the rebuild kit. I'd pass on the stuff ePacketed from china though.

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Cydrome Leader

Probably better off to just buy a new carb on ebay . Worked for me in almost every case ... exception was a Stihl weedeater that was just plain worn out and needed a new cylinder and piston . The neighbor decided it wasn't worth the cost and bought a new unit instead .

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Terry Coombs

With almost all chainsaws the weak link is the pump diaphragm. It hardens in contact with the methanol/ethanol present in regular gas. You will be better off using super rather than regular gas (no alcool). Furthermore, chainsaws need to be used on a regular basis, I would say at least 3 or four times a year or the carb will gum up.

Buy a carb rebuilding kit, an in-tank gas filter gas line by the foot and a new primer bulb if there is one on your saw. It will be much less expensive than buying a new carb, which may or may not cure your problems anyway. Don't forget to clean and gap your sparkplug. Carb rebuilding kits are relatively inexpensive so going directly to your local retailer is probably the faster, easier and in the end, the least expensive way to buy one.

If you do not use your chainsaws regularly, after each use empty the tank and restart your saw to purge the carb. The less gas you leave in the carb the less varnish will build up in the carb and the longer your pump diaphragm will last. You can expect to have to rebuild your carb every 3 years.

Another good idea is to buy the shop manual for your saw and look for a locally offered basic chainsaw maintenance course.


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