Using a Lapidary wheel on carbide tools

A few weeks ago I found some Lapidary tools at a tag sale, the price was right so I bought all 3 tools. One of the machines uses 6 wheels that are diamond faced.

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link above shows the newer version of what I have. Anyhow I decided to see how it would work on HSS and Carbide bits. Just a small test and it cut the tools very nice. I am not sure how well the wheels would hold up to the tool bits verses rock. It is nice having the water cooling the bit as you shape it and touching the wheel as you work is no big deal.

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my guess is they will hold up fine grinding carbide but HSS will be hard on them.

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Wayne - What a good find you got!

In the 60's I spent many a hour cutting sapphire and other good things with diamond laps and precious stone saws (very thin).

They work great - sounds like you got a nice setup. The water keeps the stones and metal - from fracture.

HHS and Carbide are low grade stuff against the diamond. Keep the water flowing as it lubes and cleans as well as cools.


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Martin H. Eastburn

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