WTF Brilliant metal chopsaw manual

The subject header pretty much says it all.
Well not all.
I have just purchased a Brilliant Abrasives brand metal chopsaw at the chem
plant I work at. This is the type with the separate motor and pully system.
It is built on top of a cast iron table and the saw assembly rotates
instead of moving your metal to make angle cuts. Well anyways mine is the 5
HP 220V 14" model.
Anyone have a manual or parts breakdown.
Thank you
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Bill Bright
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Haha, that's not what I was expecting at all in this post. Usually when I see "WTF" it means "What the frig?!?". And I thought that "brilliant" was a sarcastic description, not the company name. So... I thought the title meant: "What the frig?!? *Brilliant* metal chopsaw manual" and I was expecting some sort of little anecdote about a chopsaw manual that really wasn't very brilliant at all. :D Sorry though, can't help you with the manual or parts breakdown.
Bill Bright wrote:
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