Tool Review - Rigid 12" Miter Saw

We purchased a Rigid 12" Compound Miter saw a couple of months ago for
sawing aluminum extrusion. This saw came complete with a stand, laser
line, a carbide wood-cutting blade, table extension, and quick-clamp, for
$299. Out of the box, the miter angle was off approximately 1° and the
compound was off about the same amount. Clear and effective setting
procedures were included in the owners manual, and the manual strongly
recommended that these angles be checked prior to use.
The saw has sturdy cast aluminum base, and substantial castings for the
pivot points. The fence has so far refused to be pushed by the clamp one
bit, a problem I have found on other saws. The laser line is dead
accurate after you learn to trust it. The 2" outlet for a vacuum works
very well and is accurately placed to catch the majority of swarf from
the saw. The motor is 15 amp and plenty strong for aluminum, and has a
built-in brake. I am sure in wood it would be way more than enough. The
saw features a lock-out hole in the trigger that accepts a standard 3/16
long-shank hasp padlock or lock-out lock, something that is a must for an
industrial setting such as ours.
The one thing that I did not like was the clear plastic miter marker.
When we went to adjust it, it broke. The washer that spanned the slot
was bowed, and the slot had a radius on the plastic piece. When slightly
tightened, it simply pushed the thin side out and broke. Nothing a little
superglue wouldn't fix, but still...
After purchasing a non-ferrous metal cutting blade, we have used this saw
extensively on a daily basis. We have found it to be reliable, very
accurate, with very good cuts in aluminum extrusions. The laser line
makes it very easy to saw accurately, simply mark your material and saw.
no guessing as to where the edge of the blade is going to be. The
movement is very stable, no slop at all in any of the pivots. The cross
leg braces make a handy place to store shorter pieces of extrusion.
There is also enough room to store the shop vac under the saw if desired.
All in all, very pleased with the quality of this saw. Very high value
for the price.
Aside: We purchased a Rigid 18V 1/2" drill a couple of days ago, after a
few weeks of hard use, I will report on that. So far, it seems to be a
very, very good drill.
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