Wye or Delta config for rotary converter

I recently aquired a 3 phase GE 10hp motor to act as a rotary converter. It is a twelve lead motor than can be wired for both 240 or 480. Nameplate describes a delta (run) and wye (start) wiring configuration for both low and high voltages.

My question, is there any benefit in having a converter wired in delta vs.wye? I currently have it wired in a delta configuration and documented voltages and currents. May try it in the wye format to see what is different. Wanted to see what those who know better have to say.

Incoming line votages are in the 245 to 247 volt range.


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I use to play with 12 wire generators. I was told that a delta configuration had better balance and less harmonics than a wye by the generator builders. Therefore I would stick with the delta.


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Charles A. Sherwood

Wired in wye, it will only act as about a 6 HP motor, that is the most important difference.

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Bob Powell

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