8 mm WW collet enlargement

I need to open up a 5.4 mm collet to 6.3 mm in order to fit a Jacot tool
attachment to the tailstock of my clockmakers lathe. Can anyone suggest how
this might be done? Is it even possible?
Cliff Coggin
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Cliff Coggin
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Hi Cliff,
Find some soft shim stock to fit in the slits in the collet, filling them fully but not leaving any sticking out on the tapered closing surface. Fit collect into it's taper and bore out to desired diameter. Remove the remains of the shim. and all should be well.
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Bob Minchin
Thanks Bob, but I shall have to give up on this. Not only is the collet hardened, but I have no way to fit it in the headstock. (The headstock takes 10 mm collets.) By the time I have softened the collet, and then made an adapter and drawbar, I might as well buy a collet of the right size. Shame, as this collet is a spare which I don't need.
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Cliff Coggin

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