Anybody able to make me a collet?


I need a 6mm collet for a Bosch router. Unfortunately, Bosch don't make one.

If anyone could undertake to make me one, I'd be very pleased to hear from you. I can supply the existing 1/4 inch collet as a pattern.

The router is permanently mounted attached to a vertical slide on a lathe, used for cutting slots in tropical hardwoods. I use slot drills with 6mm shank for the various widths of slot. The Bosch is a replacement for a clapped-out B & D, which does have a

6mm collet but also has too much run-out- it's quite old.

All this is part of the making of Northumbrian Pipes ( musical instrument- not plumbing!). Pix on the website if interested.

Thanks Richard

PS, I assume metric slot drills aren't available with 1/4 inch shank? That would be too easy!

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Richard Evans
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