bridgeport series 1 mk2.

Anyone know the weight of these things.
Any one run one on a phase converter.
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On Sat, 26 Apr 2008 18:59:22 -0700, scribed thus...:
IFRC .. they are just over 1 tonne (about 1100kg I seem to recall .. but that might have been including my copy unit). If you plan on a tonne plus 10% then you should be OK.
If you just want to run the main motor then any of the smallish (2-3 hp) convertors should do you (check your own particular motor rating)... but if you want to run 'accessories' such as the hydraulic copy unit then the answer is still 'yes' .. but your into BIG amounts of dosh for the convertor as the hydraulic copy motor is usually bigger/heavier than the head motor so you'll probably need a large rotary to cope and they cost.
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--Hi gang! I've been running a Series 1 Bridgeport with a Phase-a-matic for a little over 30 years now. IIRC I had to replace a capacitor once maybe a decade back; aside from that no problems. The downside of the solid state unit is that there's a reduction of power but honestly I've never felt the loss affected anything I've asked it to do.
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Yes weight is about a ton, i stripped mine down in to large lumps and moved it easily on my own with a 1 ton folding engine crane and in the back of a transit van.
Run it from a domestic single phase supply in my garage via a Telemecanique inverter, cost about =A3180 and had no problems with it.
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paul swindell
Mine has the 2-speed motor on it, and it runs quite happily on a 3Kw/4HP transwave static convertor.
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Peter Neill

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