cutting gears (myfords)

I need to cut quite a few gears of 1.25 module now I understand that myford

7 gears are 20 dp which = 1.27 module would I be able to hob these down to 1.25 using a 1.25 hob and the gear on a free running spindle

hob on a vertical mill with head off set by hob pitch angle gear on a free running spindle

I think myfords pressure angle is 14.5 and I will be cutting a pressure angle of 20

buying the myford gears is as cheep almost as buying blanks in cast-iron

your thoughts would be a help

Thanks Andrew

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Andrew Bishop
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Well Andrew, when I was hobbing change gears for my Mikron, I quite sucessfully meshed Myford change wheels and Mikron gears on my machine - they obviously should not be used together, but for the short period and light loads involved I had no problems. Incidentally I got an aquaintance to flame cut my blanks from mild steel plate, which I then bored and skimmed to size in the lathe.


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Andrew Mawson

good idea I could then sell the myford gears on again

Thanks Andrew

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Andrew Bishop

I've done the same. Some I've used the Myford gear to make a 'proper' changewheel, others I've just kept the Myford gear in the stack. If a job came up which needed a number of gears I would probably make a new one, but I'm happy to use them 'as is' for very occasional jobs.

I've generally made mine from slices of round bar, cast iron or steel. Nylon should be fine, too. As Andrew (one of them) said, the gears are not heavily loaded.

To Mark:- I really will try to get that pic sorted out today!

Cheers Tim

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