Enco 1024 QC parts?

I need a gear for the quickchange in my older (1986) Enco 10x24 lathe. Enco has no info on this anymore. I suspect this same gear was used in later 11x26 and larger Chinese lathes in various brands. Is there a source for this kind of parts that will not stonewall me if it's not "their" brand?

What I need is a 16T/32T compound gear, brash bushing internal bore about 19/32 IIRC. If I have to I'll cut the bad part off and press a new stock gear on, but I'd rather just buy a new OE gear. Suggestions?

Rex B Fort Worth

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You might try Summit Machine Tool Manufacturing in Oklahoma City at

405-235-2075. They had an 11" for years. Might want to get metric dimensions before you call. Good Luck Respectfully, Ron Moore
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Ron Moore

If that machine came from China (or Taiwan, or many other non-USA places, 19/32" is highly unlikely, but 15mm is much more likely. (I get 15.08mm converting 19/32", so I'll bet that it is actually 15mm.

Now -- aside from knowing the number of teeth, you also need to know the tooth form. In the US, those would be some diametric pitch of either 20 degree, or 14-1/2" pressure angle. These gears are more likely to be some "Module" definition, and you'll have to look them up in something like _Machinery's Handbook_ to figure it out. Note that the diameter measured over the teeth is not the pitch diameter.

Understood. But you first need more information than you have so far posted -- unless you luck into finding the right ones from some vendor.

I've got a gauge to tell which diametric pitch a gear is, but it does not cover the metric "module" sizes. Nor does it tell me the presure angle.

Good Luck, DoN.

P.S. FWIW, the gears in my 12" Clausing are 16 DP.

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DoN. Nichols

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