Enco 1024 what are these extra gears?

1986 1024 Enco It came about 5 gears, wired together and never used. No mention of them in what little I have of a similar owners manual. The machine already has a QC box. The thread chart seems to indicate a 60-tooth gear in the geartrain.

The lathe came to me with the following gears installed:

Output gear from headstock 40T keyed Idler gear on banjo 70T, bearing in center Input gear to QC 40T keyed

The extra gears are,

25T keyed 25T keyed 39T approx, keyed 43T keyed 60T with hub, keyed

I can't figure out when and how these should be used. This lathe is probably similar to an older Jet 10x24

- - Rex Burkheimer WM Automotive Fort Worth TX

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Rex B
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Metric. I have the same machine and mine has decals showing different tooth ratios for metric threading. I've used the gears to cut an M.5 thread for a microscope adapter. As I recall, I used the 39 and/ or 43.

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Jim Stewart

Not saying this is it, but my lathe came with a group of metric gears. Could that be it? Just guessing.


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Any chance you could scan a manual for me?


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Rex B

The description of your gear train seems rather different from the ones I am aware of on these kinds of lathe. Most of these lathes have two large gears on the same shaft in the middle with 120T and 127T. Here's a link to a manual that is similar to the lathe I have...

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Sounds like yours is different, though. There are some Jet manuals available on the web too, but the ones I looked at all have the 120/127 gear in the train. 127 is key because it is the first whole multiple of

25.4 (mm/in).

What is the leadscrew on your lathe? Is it 8 TPI?

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Probably not. While the exact English/metric conversion requrires a 100 and a 127 tooth gear, these are BIG (and expensive). A very close approximation is obtained with a 37 and a 47 tooth gear. The result is close enough unless you are threading a very long piece.


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Jerry Foster

Rex, I just found this board today and your old post here. Pleas contact me if you are still on the board. I too have an Enco 1024 and am seeking parts help for it. I will keep a watch for you here. Thank Ric

-- nelson54

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