sold my tig welder yesterday

I was having some "financial difficulties" so i decided to pay off some
stuff. I sold our 2005 vehicle and replaced it with a 2001 vehicle (a
$210. a month savings!). I had my home phone number ported to my cell
phone and had the landline turned off (a $55. a month savings), and my
beloved miller tig welder got sold ($1500. cash).
The only good thing about the sale was not only can i pay off a few
bills, the new owner turned out to be a hell of a nice guy.
He's retiring soon and decided to go into his own business, building
custom motorcycles. He had been doing this on a small scale for a few
years but decided he was going to dive right in. After about an hour of
metalworking and motorcycle talk he gave me what i was asking for the
machine (no dickering... the ad said firm), and he also offered to let
me use it at his shop if i needed.
I really don't feel so bad about it going now. I lost a welder, but
gained another friend with the same interests.
You metal guys are an interesting bunch! :)
ps. I redesigned my site, so if you're bored, drop in and wander
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Once you get back going another welder will find you.
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That's right, it will be an opportunity to upgrade.
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