ENco 12x36 Lathe Oil Leak


First time posting so if this in the wrong place forgive me.

I have a Enco 12x36 Lathe. On of the oil seals in the head stock is leaking . The manual doesn't list a part number just the size. It says it is a PD20 x45x10mm oil seal. When I google it all I can find is a TC20x45x10 Oil seal . Does anyone know the difference between a PD and TC oil seal and can i us e the TC?

Thanks, Gary

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Gary I don't know what letters mean, but seals are cheap. I would just order the seal and see what you get

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I looked that up the other day , meant to post something then but ... the TC seal is a double lip with a spring , couldn't find any info on the PD designation . I'd use the TC seal if it was my lathe . Keep oil in and gunk out ... -- Snag

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Terry Coombs

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