Enco granite surface plates not so cheap any more

Back in 2007, I posted about the 12x18 granite surface plates for $25 with free UPS "shipping" (85 lbs of stone packed loose in foam peanuts or air pillows) from Enco:

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At some point these have gone up to $79 currently.

Maybe Enco figured out that it averages three tries get one delivered intact when you pack them in air pillows.

By the way, I diamond-sawed the intact parts of the chipped ones I received back then, yielding a half dozen 2x18 granite straightedges, if anyone wants one for the cost of shipping 15 lbs priority mail.

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Richard J Kinch
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Wow, I haven't looked at the prices for years.

I bought mine way back when Enco still had local stores. Went to the one in Tukwilla, WA and it was packed in wood fiber that looked like wheat straw. That was packed tightly in a wooden crate, which I still have! Put hinges on lid and store power generator cables in it.

Hard to reuse today's packing material.

Also have a cast iron/steel surface plate from Boeing Surplus.


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Anyone in California need surface plates..Ive got them from 12x18 to


Cheap enough. Some on stands, some bench top

No imports. Standrich and Microflats


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