So-so dealings with Enco

I recently ordered this vernier calipers from Enco:

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this was delivered:
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A POS, but it would have been OK if the vernier scale had been marked. As it is, you have to count the vernier ticks to get the reading! And "All measuring surfaces ground and lapped for accuracy". Yeah, right.

So I called them and said "I didn't get what was pictured, it is much lower quality. And the resolution is only .1mm, the catalog says .05mm". Their response: "Well, for $5 you can't expect much. But since the resolution is not as advertised, I'll give you the credit."

Now, I really didn't care that much about the $5, it was just getting a POS when the catalog showed much different. And their response was just as disappointing - don't expect to get what is shown in the catalog!

I had another poor experience with their catalog - their hose ear clamps are listed in fractions of an inch, but are really sized in mm. So the

5/8" clamps that I ordered were really 18mm (.708" vs .625"). Again, more annoying than a real problem, but annoying never the less.

Buyer beware, or buy from McMaster, Bob

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Bob Engelhardt
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