Atlas/Craftsman 12" lathe feed clutch

I have a Craftsman 12x36 that I'm parting out. It has a QC gearbox with a safety clutch where the feed shaft connects and I'm missing the internals. The clutch consists of 2 fiber(?) washers(71), 2 pressure washers(70), & a center most "clutch"(72), with pressure applied by a screwed on end cap(73):

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I thought the "clutch" was just a washer with an internal tab to engage the key slot on the feed shaft. But Clausing sells it for $56 (!!), so it must be more than that, must'n it?

Does anybody have one of these that they can describe this part? The lathe model number is 101.28980. I think the 101.28990 has the same clutch.

Thanks, Bob

BTW - I asked about this on the Yahoo Atlas-Craftsman Group and got NO response.

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Bob Engelhardt
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