Craftsman 6 Inch Lathe: Need Advice

I am rebuilding and tweaking a guy's old Craftsman metal lathe. I have a machinist's background but I'm not familiar with this little lathe.

- Model Number is 101.21200 Serial Number is 001773

- Name tag states Sears Roebuck USA and Simpsons-Sears Limited-Canada

- Swing is 6 inches. Bed is 18" center to center approxamately. 3 jaw and

4 jaw chucks are both 4 inches in diameter. Leadscrew is 1/2" diameter x 16 pitch . Leadscrew gear is 64 tooth; stud gear is 48. I have a set of 9 other gears, but no thread gear chart so I guess I'll be figuring this out long-hand. =A0 Largest gear in set is marked: M6-101-56 ; 56 being the tooth count. No quick change threading gear box like a South Bend 10K. Lantern post will take 3/8" wide shank tool holders. =A0 Of course no operators' manual!

- Anybody know where I could obtain a threading / feed gear chart? Operators manual would be nice, too!

- There is a big gear by itself in back of the spindle, within the gearbox. This gear can be moved in and out on an indent lever also behind the spindle, moving it fore or aft. Is this to be used as a back gear arrangement to allow low gears? When I engage it, it effectively locks the spindle, but I can't figure out how to get the spindle to spin free. A South Bend lathe has a pin to pull back to freeup the back gears. What am I missing here? Or does this gear have another function?

- I found a couple other Yahoo! groups specific to Craftsman / Atlas. Anybody know of other sources for info?

- (Yeah, I'm using WebTV to access USENET. I have had this browser for 6 years. I have a Dell PC with Windows XP, but I prefer doing Usenet this way.)

- Thanks in advance for any help.

- Take care,

-+- Kurt

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A huge amount of info can be obtained through the yahoo Atlas/Craftsman lathe group here:

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Jeff Wisnia

I second Jeff's recommendation on the Atlas/Craftsman group. There is also a group just for the 618 lathes.

Manuals and parts are available from Clausing.

When you engage the back gear, you have to disconnect the cone pulley from the bull gear. The bull gear is the large gear on the spindle. There is a pin going through it, from the right, into the pulley. The pin has a large head on it - lever it out with a screwdriver or something similar. The pin is locked by a ball and spring, held in by a setscrew from the rim of the bull gear. If the pin is locked, you may have to back off on the setscrew.

John Martin

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John Martin

In addition to the Yahoo Atlas_Craftsman group, join the Atlas618Lathe group. You'll get a lot of information there.

-Bruno (Metal Man) wrote:

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I have the original manual that has the speed chart. Send me an email address with your request(s).

--Andy Asberry recommends NewsGuy--

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