HELP Atlas 12x36

I seem to have a foul-up. I broke (re-broke dpo fix) the gear case on
the apron on my Atlas 12x36. I called Clausing, and lo and behold they
still have them. Same part number as the old manual I have! I paid
dearly to have a new one ($80+ dollars), but it doesn't really fit.
There are 2 holes for a roll pin and three slot/ holes for the
screws.The trouble is that (1) the holes for the roll pins don't line
up..(2) using the top hole, the screws can be used but apron binds on
rack, using the bottom holes no screw fits...(3) put on without any
roll pins and the gear binds when I tighten down the apron. After 3 hrs
fiddling, I have made it usable by slightly enlarging the holes,
eliminating the roll pins, and adding a washer spacer between the apron
and the saddle. It all seems to work but the driven cross feed is a
little loose (from the washers). Also the cross feed lever detent ball
has no spring, but seems to work ok. Am I headed for problems? Did I
Joey this thing up?
Thanks in advance
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Can't address your question, but suggest you also post to the Atlas_Craftsman Yahoo group. There is a wealth of specific knowledge therein.
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Rex B
I'd ask the poeple you bought it from. Sounds like a mistake somewhere along the line.
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