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One for the panel - does anyone have any experience of decorative anodising (as opposed to hard anodising) and can recommend a company who'd be prepared to deal with a small batch of about 15 different parts. The parts are from a racing car, and are mainly 7075-T6 or

6082-T6 alloy.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received.



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Just try your local electroplaters. It very much depends where you are, I can recommend a good commercial platers in Ferndown Dorset where I have the bulk of my commercial work done, but then they don't do mail order ;)

You need to speak to the platers first to determine the finish you require. There are all sorts of options.

Longer etch time means duller finish, I always go for a satin finish rather than the Bright etch they offer. 30 sec I think.

My local company charges £35 min charge. But my parts are usually priced 20-40p per piece as I put a lot of stuff through there.


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Wayne Weedon

Most of the platers I know seem send all there anodizing to A1 Anodizing in East Grinstead. A1 will do single items.

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