-I was wondering if using a dehumidifier in the workshop will be --
expensive to
-run? The workshop is around15ft square. I am currently -insulating
the flat
-roof with fiberglass and plasterboarding it out. There will be
-Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
They don't work well below 10 degrees c
They rely on the difference in the temperature of the cold matrix and
the ambient temp of the air going through it .
read up subject.... due-point
Also the colder the ambient air the less moisture it holds .
At low temps the dehumidifier will be just freezing up and
inefficient .
There again, because your workshop is so small ...the dehumidifier
makes heat may well hold it above 10 degrees ...there-by
you're going to have some results.
if you put the thing in place ...i would mount it near the ceiling
where the air is warmest .
insulate well ...and your dehumidifier may act as a heater .
No use installing one if you have a shed with wooden floor with gaps
for the moisture to rise out of the ground.
Soon as you open the workshop door you will get instant transfer of
moist air outside to dry air inside .
All the best.markj
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