hot isostatic pressing

Does anyone (Andrew?) know a suitable molten salt mixture for use in hot
isostatic pressing of carbon fibre reinforced {silver/copper 779 C mp
eutectic} ?
Basically that's a mixture of salts that doesn't boil or react with copper
or silver to ~800 C, and which melts at some lower temperature, eg 300 C.
Another question, if I have a wound carbon-fibre/silver composite, in order
to hot isostatically press it after winding I need to form some sort of skin
on the outside in order to stop the fluid getting into the part - any ideas
about how to go about that?
in a cylindrically-symmetrical shape? The inside needs no support (it's the
chamber for a rocket engine, will be made on a solid stainless internal
while keeping an initial imposed winding tension on the fibre ?
ps - arr :) - I finally successfully turned some copper bar which had been
f*xxing me for quite some time. Months and more. My litle lathe is not too
I used extra extra extra (more than triply extra recommended) loads of rpm
with a synthetic lubricant brushed on. Sharp HSS, of course :) , diamond
honed and not too deep a cut.
Easy, if you know how ... when you know how ... but it shure looks
pretty now :)
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Peter Fairbrother
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Sorry Peter rather out of my experience - intensive Googling is probably your best approach.
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Andrew Mawson

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