Thanks to Marvin Klotz

I am sure many of you here would be familier with Marvins web site and
software, it is full of general utilities.
One piece of software that I used several times was ballcut to make a
ball using a parting off tool or similar with a sequence of cuts at
various depths.
Well mark has done a bit of software to help me out called Ugroove. It
should enable me or anyone for that matter to use a very similar method to
cut grooves of various diameters into solid bar stock.
For me it is a great help to make tube or pipe bending dies.
Marvin has many dos based programmes he has done and some supplied by
others that must be a great help to many in the hobby.
So here is a shamless plug pointing anyone with interest to his site: -
formatting link

Thanks Marvin
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Adrian Hodgson
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