how many of you use matlab?

Hi! I've been developing some rocket related software for matlab (for free of course). So I'm wondering how many of you who might have matlab at home, work or school? Just reply back to me (not to rec.models.rockets) if you do have matlab. If you're not sure:

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-- ,--. | \ | \ ,-----------------------------------------._____ _,-:.-:=A8=A8`.| B. Rasmus Anthin | =A8=A8= =A8=A8--_ =3D:...=3D=3D::=3D. ).:| -=3D=3D---

formatting link
| = ) ``-:::.._,^| | ____--=A8 `-----------------------------------------'=A8=A8=A8=A8=A8 | / | / `--=B4

for i=3D['IaMh';''' aa';'m tc';' lk';' ae';' br'],disp(i'),end

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Rasmus Anthin
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