I have been told by the spousal unit that I MUST attend NARAM, so being
the good husband I am, I will be there the whole time. I will be selling
out of my room at night with a display of kits under my vendor's tent on
the field.
Today I received parts for a second run of 1/12th scale V-2s from
British SpaceCraft (Paul Clark) and parts for his two new X-15 kits. I
will have these at NARAM. V-2s will be $130 each. X-15s have not been
determined yet. but should run around $55.
I will have a limited number of clone kits and Cognis Aerospace kits
with me (the last of the run, after these there will be no more). I will
also have some collectable motors for sale (along with a bunch just to
oogle and drool over). I'll also have a limited selection of current
Estes, Quest and Aerotech (pre-fire) motors for sale.
So see you at NARAM.
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