Must have been a bargain !!!!

At this price, even if the ignition side did need overhauling. Do they have
a rotary mag in the flywheel and if they do are the coils the same as a
villiers ??
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martin hirst
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That will teach people not to put a reserve on stuff.
Mike M
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Oh Dear, he won't like that! It appears to me that he's been splitting up sets in an effort to realise the best figure for some weeks now, even trying to sell the drive coupling disc separately.
I did write to him briefly about a dynamo without success.
Kim Siddorn
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Kim Siddorn
Just a bit of bad luck really. I've seen far more reserve auctions fail to attract a bid than without reserve items fetch a poor price. I won't personally bid on a reserve auction, and most of my friends won't either. I can never understand why sellers don't just put the minimum they will accept as the start price. The fees work out pretty much the same either way.
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