Hethersgill Show 2006 Pics

Heres the pics from todays show T carlisle airport. The show just gets
bigger every year and the quality better each time. A lovely sunny day with
some nice engines to ponder over, there were about 150 engines in the line.
The next big one will be Dumfries show in southern Scotland, should be a
good one as they are trying to get a large contingent of open crank engines
aswell as a special display of big Scottish manufactured engines. If you
would like to attend this show I can arrange for entry forms for you, just
mail me. It is the last Sunday in May.
Cheers for now and enjoy the pics, whats your favourite ???
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Yes I nice day out, just me and the lad (age 6). He was facinated by the engines on the line. Read the labels, but I can see what people mean about lack of information. Make, model, date and fuel is all many had, no history or background. He also liked the model traction engines, wasn't so keen on the Merlin when it was run up, country lad, doesn't like noise... Devil of a job to prise him out of a stall selling rather large and nice but expensive toy farm machinery.
Dates? Picked up a leaflet for Flookburgh Steam Gathering (29th & 30th July).
I see you were taken by the Reid, I liked the sound of that one and one end of the line was really nice sound wise with all the slow chuffing and clicking and clunking. Like to hear some of those engines loaded up though, not just firing every 20s or so...
My favorite was is not in your shots... The lad (age 6) liked the display of the engine and water pump that lifted water onto a shoot that then dropped it onto an overshoot water wheel. I'm inclined to agree far more interesting than a gushing tap... I also liked the other large diaphragm based pump, looked like a real commercial water pump rather than "odd bits" joined by a belt. It was shifting a fair bit of water as well.
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