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Anyone planning to attend the GATS show in Clearwater this weekend? Just a coincidence that we are vacationing there next week, arriving on Saturday. I though I might drop by the show on Sunday, since the venue appears to be very close to our lodings.

Is this show worth the time/admission$?

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Norman Morgan
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Well, I'll be there as a vendor, so of course it's worth it! LOL

Last year there was a good mix of scales, but it all depends on what you're looking for.

Stop by and say "hi."

Mike Tennent "IronPenguin"

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Mike Tennent

..........and pick up one of the billboard models. I got one in Montgomery last May and it looks great.


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I meant to post something about our meeting.

Folks, there really is a Froggy!!!

We had a very nice chat at the NMRA regional last month. He's just what you'd imagine - sort of a cross between Sean Connery and Charlton Heston...

Mike (just like me) Tennent "IronPenguin"

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Mike Tennent

A gun nut with a Scots accent? ;-)

-- Kizhe

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Lt. Kizhe Catson

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Jon Miller

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