Which event to attend?

I noticed that there are two SolidWorks user conference events scheduled for the Midwest, one in September and one in October. Work will only allow me to goto one. What's the difference? Which one should I attend?


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Well of course you should go to both... but only for half the time. This way you will know which to attend in full the next time and your boss will be happy continuously with you ;o)

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Keith Streich

I'd take a look at the agendas. Please check to confirm, but I believe that the Graphic System one has more software demos and only one day of technical presentations about using SolidWorks. They also have a boat trip that's kind of fun, and I think they play golf. The Regional User group conference will have nearly 30 technical presentations about using SolidWorks with several running in each time slot. I like this over the Graphics systems approach because if you aren't interested in, say, modeling with surfaces you can go to the API session next door. Also, the Regional user group is getting some national talent - there's been a speaker swap with the west coast group so Phil Sluder could come out.

Again, take a look at the agendas to decide, but I think if you are more of a management type you will find the Graphics system one more rewarding while if you are in the trenches using SWx you will get more out of The combined user group.

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There are a few differences between the two events. The September event is organized by Graphics Systems, a SolidWorks reseller in the Midwest. This event is specifically for their customers. The Midwest Region SolidWorks User Conference in October is a SWUGN sanctioned and supported event organized and managed by The Midwest Region SolidWorks User Groups. SWUGN - The SolidWorks User Group Network - is sponsoring four of these regional events this year.

The Midwest event features a keynote address by SolidWorks CEO John McEleney, appearances by Greg Jankowski, Gopal Shenoy, and Brian Harrison of SolidWorks, and special technical sessions by Ed Eaton and Phil Sluder of SolidWorks World fame.

In addition, each registered attendee will receive the newly released SolidWorks for Dummies as part of the conference giveaways.

For more information, see the conference website -

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or contact the SolidWorks User Community Coordinator or your regional SWUGN rep.

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Richard Doyle

The SolidWorks Orange County Chopper shown at SolidWorks World last year will also be at the SolidWorks Midwest User Group meeting.

Regards, Greg Jankowski SolidWorks

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  1. Midwest Solidworks User Conference

  1. 2005 Annual Midwest SolidWorks Regional User Group Conference"

  2. SolidWorks Midwest User Group

Now there are three.

I got permission to attend #2. Think I'll wear my Beta Tester T-Shirt and let people autograph it..

BTW there is a really cool tank museum a few minutes south of Racine in Kenosha just off I-94. Would make a cool field trip. They have a lot of funky vintage stuff, and unlike a tour of a military base they show what happens in real life to the hardware. If the planners thought it was a good idea they even give tank rides last I heard.

The Other Paul

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I meant the The Midwest Region SolidWorks User Conference.

Regards, Greg

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Speaking of that, I got to take a up close look at that bike while it was at the SWx booth at the MD&M Medical show last month in NYC...Paint job/design was cool and all, but I have to say that is some pretty crappy welding......esp. on accent parts like the rear fender. They must have let Mikey work on it since they're not going to air it on TV...I was a little disappointed in the quality....

BTW, what happens to that bike after you guys are done trucking it all over? A bike screams to be ridden occasionally, not just to look pretty on display....Does the pres. of SWx get to take it out on Weekends? Or how about as an incentive for being the "Employee of the Month"? :)


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