There's a kind of microscope which you can fit in eg the chuck of a pillar drill or mill, adjust the position of the workpiece so a scribed mark is central, then replace it with a drill bit - which seems to me to be the best way to do accurate drilling, though there are other methods, eg wigglers or lasers.

But what is the correct name for such a microscope? Anyone got one for sale?


-- Peter Fairbrother

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Peter Fairbrother
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It's pretty easy to just make a mount for a webcam and use that.


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Chris Eilbeck

I had thought of that, but it would mean having a computer and screen available to view the results as well as the webcam. Plus oblique lighting, and so on ..

Got too many darnn computers already :(

-- Peter Fairbrother

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Peter Fairbrother

Hemingway do a kit for a Centering Microscope

formatting link


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Toolmakers centering microscope.See them on Ebay back and forward.My views is there are better and more accurate ways to pick up centres nowadays.These things are a throwback to how things were done before the electronic age. Mark.

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.Fairly recently, there was a MEW article on something called CentreCam. I had an aged laptop and bought a webcam.

I believe that I paid =A320 for the use but for there was a free use program. For three quid or so for the webcam and a laptop which was knackered, it is worth having a go.

You will need a fairly high end windows program like XP because it wont run on W98- or would not run on mine. In the blurb there was problems in lighting but my 'computer fair' webcam had pretty lights built in.

Cheapest deal in this economic climate


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