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Hello folks,
I have just discovered a large hoard of very good quality
hand tools in an old shed.They were wrapped up in an old hessian
sack,and are red with rust.
Rather than try to de/rust them individually,I want to try and do them
all together.
Has anyone got any tried and tested [non/serious chemical :o} ]
method of de/rusting them. Some one suggested COCA COLA..... hmmm?
Have not tried that yet.
Any ideas welcomed,
All the best for now,
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john .j.morton.
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soak them in parrafin, it should then lift of with a light rub with some scotch brite
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Tim Bird
I have had excellent results using the electrolytic method - plastic bucket with washing soda and a car battery charger - see the following link:
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Andrew Mawson
Ditto. It's cheap, almost labour free and works well. You still need to remove the residue (the oxygen has been removed from the ferrous-oxide, leaving the ferrous bit) with a scrubbing brush or similar, but it's much easier and more successful than scrubbing away rust.
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Mark Howard
you can use ordinary salt in the electrolyte, not as good as caustic soda though. I haven't tried mollassses but I am told if you stick rusty steel in mollasses and leave it for a week or so it will come out clean. I gather a salt and vinegar solution works quite well, make sure the steel is completely submerged as it will rust like hell at the waterline[vinegarline] if you don't.
I tried cola, both coca cola and tesco super 6.5p a litre, and after being submerged for a few weeks I couldn't see any change in the lightly rusted item I dunked in the stuff. the phosphoric acid is very very weak so maybe leaving it a few months might do the trick...
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An overnight soak in vinegar. Rinse in hot running water,dry, and oil.
Steve R.
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Steve Rayner
Hello folks, Thank you all for the information and help,also for the warning regarding STAINLESS electrodes, I believe that the electrolytic method will be best. I am now off to B&Q to obtain the bits. All the best for now, John.
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john .j.morton.
The electrolyte is Washing Soda, (Sodium Carbonate) not Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide)
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