small pillar drill identification?

I recently found (and bought) a small, neat pillar drill:

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Following careful observation I note:

  • The tightening bolts are 3/8" whitworth
  • The pillar is 2 cm diameter, 45 cm length
  • The base casting is marked "800" and "2B"
  • The gear assembly casting is marked "800" and "2A"
  • The movable rest is marked "800"
  • The main drive wheel is marked "800"
  • The handle crank is stamped "foreign"
  • The handle is covered in transparent plastic of some kind.
  • the crank is removeable, and the drive wheel 'V' grooved for a belt
  • the bearings are plain (not ball)
  • the machining and finish are rather nice

I think (from web searching) the "foreign" means that it was imported, probably from continental Europe between 1900-1930.

I'm guessing in this case "continental Europe" would be Germany or Switzerland.

It's so small and neat, I'm guessing it's somewhere in the realm of model engineering, toolroom. horology or jewellery.

So - can anyone identify this tool?

BugBear (who used it do drill a 1mm hole to repair a tap holder on Sunday)

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from continental Europe between 1900-1930.

engineering, toolroom. horology or jewellery.

Isn't that nice! In good nick too. Interesting the use of Whitworth threads on a "metric" machine. You definately need to dispose of it, no guard around the cutting area, unguarded gears with trap points. Pass it to me and I will crush it for you Probably came from "Gamages" or somewhere similar. How much did you pay, if you don't mind me asking?

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Richard Edwards

Now that takes me back. I bought my first electric drill from Gamages in about 1967. A Stanley-Bridges Wasp it was, and it lasted ten years, unlike its replacement made by Black & Decker which was a useless heap of junk that put me off the brand for life..

Cliff Coggin.

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Cliff Coggin

I have two Bridges drills amongst the collection in the garage. A

1/4inch MkII "Neonic" and a 5/16 inch "De-Luxe" Mk 1 "Neonic". Neither get a lot of use! Actually thinking about it I have 5 mains drills and 6 battery drills, must have a clear out! Talking to a fellow dog walker in the park and he has 87 HO gauge Engines!
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Richard Edwards

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