Maximizing light distribution with backlighting??

Hello. I'm sorry for the cross post, but these seem like relevant groups.
How can I maximize the distribution of light across the face of translucent
polycarbonate parts which are back lit by LED lights? The parts are buttons
each lit by one LED and a knob lit by four LEDs. I could potentially
provide images if that would help.
I seem to have three options: texture, special material (LEXAN visualFX),
redesign (hollow vs. solid, reflective angles). Texturizing solid parts did
nothing to distribute the light. Hollow parts light the front face but
won't fill the walls (of SLA prototypes anyway).
So, maybe a special resin with the strength and translucency properties of
polycarbonate? How do they make light pipes carry light so well and so far?
Should I use tiny angled faces in the button shaft to send light throughout
the part?
Ultimately, is there a way to preview light properties within the plastic
part before I create the steel tool and create samples? Thank you for your
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This company might have an answer to your problem.
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Tapped out the following call for help:
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Great, I will check them out. Thank you for the recommendation.
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