BOM output to MRP/ERP system?

Is anybody automatically transferring bill of material data from Pro/E
into a company business system?
At the moment our production office re-key data produced by the design
engineers. We are looking for a new company-wide erp system and think
this should be automated.
So, anybody out there doing this already - and if so which software do
you use?
Thanks for any pointers
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This whole topic is a mine field; this must be a largely unwatched oasis or the "advocates" would have been here already. I have only one observation and one piece of advice. Observation: almost all will say yes to your query re: the possibility of automatically transferring BOM/structure/configuration management/purchasing/inventory data between Pro/e and the ERP system;
Advice: get them to show you HOW, let them put on a demo [a Pro/e\Intralink BOM into their system; someone "authorized" pushes a button and it goes]. Make this a contractual obligation: set this up, train the users, stick around for 6 mos to make sure it works flawlessly, or you don't get paid. And then take their scrawny, worthless asses to court when they reneg. That, and ONLY THAT, will get you what you need. I wouldn't even DREAM of giving advice on which system. {even Kevlar isn't THAT bulletproof}.
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