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Have you visited the TechCenter lately?
The TechCenter is a FREE AutoLisp source code repository from Four
Dimension Technologies, Bangalore, India. It offers over 400+ useful
functions in the form of ready-to-use functions which can be used to
build powerful programs quick and fast.
Before you shoot off your Lisp quesries, look here. Chances are that
your solution already exists and is just a click away.
These functions are useful for a Lisp newbie trying to figure out how
to construct programming statements for various common tasks as well
as for the power user who needs routines for complex operations.
Special focus libraries cover a wide range of frequently needed tools
for many mapping, surveying, and civil applications plus many useful
tools for creating user interfaces, user inputs with validation,
processing of AutoCAD objects, math functions and so on.
Our present collection of libraries are grouped into the following
categories and this is being constantly revised and updated:
ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) (9 functions)
ActiveX (20 functions)
AutoCAD Map (17 functions)
Blocks & Attributes (19 functions)
Dialog Control (6 functions)
Dimension (1 function)
Geometry (70 functions)
Groups (5 functions)
Image (2 functions)
Layer (12 functions)
List Processing (21 functions)
Miscellaneous (118 functions)
MText (1 function)
Polylines (36 functions)
Selection (22 functions)
Spline (2 functions)
String (24 functions)
Text (11 functions)
Xdata (8 functions)
Visit NOW and save your valuable programming time:
TechCenter URL:
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FDT HomePage:
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- Rakesh Rao [rakesh.rao(at)]
- Four Dimension Technologies
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