MyGeoTools - Productivity tools for the AutoCAD user

******** M y G e o T o o l s *********
Build your own personal productivity tool-kit for AutoCAD.
MyGeoTools is a low-cost, high-quality AutoCAD tool-kit for you,
perhaps the only one of its kind you will find on the Internet for
AutoCAD users.
Where do I find it?
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What is it? "MyGeoTools" simply allows you to purchase only those
tools that you need for your work. No more and no less.
"My GeoTools" allows you to pick and choose only the commands that you
need from GeoTools and pay for those tools only. You purchase them
online and start using it right away. That sounds interesting. How do
I benefit? Is this going to be less expensive or more expensive than
buying a full version of GeoTools?
That depends on how many tools you intend to buy and what those tools
are. On an average, if you are shopping for less than 7 or 8 of these
tools, "MyGeoTools" is what you may only need. If you are looking for
more than 10 of the 200-odd GeoTools, you are probably better off
buying the standard Geotools. Having said that, it is probably
cost-effective to go in for "MyGeoTools" if your needs are few,
specific and one-time only. But, if you are looking for a complete
productivity experience, long-term support, upgrades etc, then the
standard full versdion of GeoTools is for you.
How do you place your order?
Visit the MyGeoTools home page
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Select the tools that you need and place your order. Once your order
is placed, your selection will be compiled into a VLX ( for AutoCAD
2K4/2K2/2Ki/2K) application. The executable file will be delivered to
you within 1-2 business days (if you have chosen the e-mail delivery
Please read the complete terms and conditions of this new offer from
our web page.
Thank you for your continued support. As always, we welcome feedback
at all times.
- Rakesh Rao (
- Four Dimension Technologies
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